Lab Tested & Proven Formulas

Official Predafuse™ scent formulas are lab tested and field proven to ensure consistency and peace of mind where it matters most.

Safe For Domestic Pets & Children

Predafuse™ devices and scent modules market organic scent matter in the form of vapor that is safe to use around pets and kids.

No Mess Scent Module System

Official Predafuse™ scent modules are semi-sealed disposable cartridges that use a no mess connection system for a clean set-up.

Mobile App Support for iOS & Android

The Predafuse™ Connect App is available in both the Apple® App Store and on Google® Play for seamless use with iOS and Android.

How it works

Predafuse™ marries lab tested and proven deterrent formulas with cutting edge scent marketing technology to deliver a product that fosters peace of mind and home. View the video below to learn more about how Predafuse™ works.


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